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SEAHO State Meeting February 25, 2021

SEAHO State Meeting

February 25, 2021

  1. Call to order 1:01pm

  • Present:

  1. Reports

  • President, Dominique Simmons

    1. MAHO Outreach and events

      • Lunch and Learns:

        • Residence Life Curriculum- 6/11/21 12pm

        • Training- 4/2/21 12pm

  • Past President, Becky Pritchett

    1. Bylaws Committee

      • Interested:

  • President Elect, Taylor Williams

    1. Isaac Lias to return as Chair for Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion Committee

    2. Reinstating Institutional Development and Involvement

      • Looking for chair

      • Interest form dropped in chat:

    3. Deactivating Professional Development Committee for this year and will implement Pro Devo with all committee work

  • Treasurer, Tina Belcher

    1. Received MAHO registration check from USM

    2. Current budget $13714.25

  • Secretary, Kara Alspaugh

    1. Living her Best Life at Disney

  • Communication Coordinator, Jasmine Thomas

    1. MAHO goal to make website more interactive

    2. Publicizing more events

      • SHARE and follow our social media

    3. Let us know what you want us to share (ie job postings)

  • Graduate Student Representative, Clair Bailey

    1. Grad Monthly Development Session

      • 2 alumni spoke with group about life after grad school – January

      • Lunch and Learn coming soon ☺

      • Interested in hosting a talk? Let Clair know! Especially if you are a financial person ☺

    2. MREAL Conference

      • MSU has offered to host this first one back virtually next Fall so we have interest and a host site and other schools want to host in the future!

      • Logistics being worked out now

  • State Representative, Missy Belcher

    1. RELI

      • Need to reapply if you applied last year but still want to go

      • 4th year cohort and 1-3 year cohort

      • Bree Gates (UM) and Dr. Erin Vaugh Jones (Hinds) are on the faculty!!

    2. SEAHO- 55 attendees from MS from 9 different institutions

    3. Awards

      • Service Awards- SHOs have been sent award certificates

      • SEAHO COVID19 awards have been sent to host institutions

    4. SEAHO report info coming soon

    5. Wants to see us grow more in the SEAHO report- will start making calls to institutions that we don’t hear from

  1. New Business

    1. Congrats to Jeannie Hopper on President Elect!

    2. MAHO 2021- Camp MAHO 2021

      1. Will be hosted by Ole Miss!!!

      2. Virtual Conference- dates coming soon

      3. Reach out to Caitlyn ( if interested in program

      4. Emily Style ( ) is the Chair- if you have questions or want to help, let her know!

  2. Comments or Institution Announcements

    1. USM:

      1. posting 2 RLC positions soon

      2. New Exec Director- Teresa Crum- starting March 22

    2. Ole Miss

      1. Surviving COVID and snow week!

      2. Never stopped operating over the last year

      3. 70% occupancy to offer more single room options

      4. Cautiously optimistic for the Fall!

      5. Associate Director Facilities job opening

      6. Student Mental Health and finding safe ways to engage students

      7. Super excited to be hosting MAHO 2021!!!

    3. MSU

      1. Making it through!

      2. Lower occupancy- about 78%

      3. Finished Asst Directors search- departmental changes and rearranging

        1. Hiring an Asst Director for assignments/marketing

        2. OPE, SEAHO Placement

          1. 5 grad positions opening

          2. Couple of Community Director positions opening

    4. Hinds- Raymond

      1. Open with no occupancy restrictions!

      2. Required COVID tests for Spring

      3. New President!

    5. MGCCC

      1. No single rooms!

      2. Open new hall in January- 206 beds and no hall director

      3. New union in August

      4. Starting RA selection soon

    6. MUW

      1. Went to all single rooms this year

    7. Mississippi College

      1. Systems are all a go!

      2. RAs are delivering meals for isolated students

      3. Building classification changes

    8. Shout out to Tina Belcher for her hard work on program committee and facilitating moderators!!!!

    9. Shout out to Stephanie Hill Skerlak for her keynote speech!

V. Adjournment- 1:46pm

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