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Governing Council Meeting June 3, 2021

  1. Call to order 2:03pm 6/3/21

  • Present: Dominique Simmons, Kara Alspaugh, Tina Belcher, Taylor Williams, Emily Styles

  1. Report

  • President, Dominique Simmons

  1. MAHO Outreach and events

  • Lunch and Learn had a lot of people sign up but several didn’t show

  • Potential Lunch and Learn around programming or curriculum, but interest in leadership orgs like RHA also

  • Ideas for social events, especially over the summer? Grad meet and greet during grad training

  1. Fundraising ideas: sip and paint, krispy kreme, virtual raffle, donations to the account during the conference, gift packages raffle based on geography (south/coast, Jackson area, Oxford, etc.)

  • Past President, Becky Pritchett

  1. Bylaws Committee has met and by next meeting will have bylaws and constitution adjustments to present to Governing Council

  • President Elect, Taylor Williams

  1. Committees: meeting 6/4/21 with chairs; aiming to start up some professional development efforts for the summer

  • Treasurer, Tina Belcher

  1. Spent a little on sending out swag for the first lunch and learn

  2. $13,523.75 in account

  • Secretary, Kara Alspaugh

  1. No Report

  • Communication Coordinator, Jasmine Thomas

  1. Set up RSVP for events via website

  2. Instagram is set up so if you want to put stuff on there, let her know

  • Graduate Student Representative quit the position

  1. Stephanie Skerlak, MSU Community Director, wants to advise MREAL and experience with SAACURH e-board

  2. Still trying to do the MREALconference

  • State Representative, Missy Belcher

  1. July 1 SEAHO report deadline; calling less-active schools to get some updates

  • Camp MAHO 2021 @ Ole Miss

  1. Next host committee meeting in July

  2. Contacting possible keynotes this month

  3. Would like a confirm virtual or in-person conference

  4. Comments or Institution Announcements

  • New Assistant Director Lauren Bergholz Oliver starts at UM 6/21/21

V. Adjournment 2:34pm 6/3/21

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