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SEAHO 2019 State Meeting Minutes

President (Alonzo)

-Call to order 5:15 PM on 2/28/19

-Introductions of the State Board

-Alonzo State President

-Jamal Jones State Rep

-Ellen Kaasik Secretary

-Becky Pritchert - President Elect

-Missy Belcher Past President

-Ben St. Cyr Communications Coordinator

-Introduction of the Schools present

-University of Mississippi (15 people)

-Mississippi State University (5 people)

-University of Southern Mississippi (7 people)

-Mississippi Gulf Coast (4 people)

-Jackson State University (2 people)

-UMW (2 people)

-Hines Community College (2 people)

-Waived minutes

-Motioned by University of Mississippi

-Seconded by MGCC

-92 attendees at MAHO 2018

-Process in securing a place for MAHO 2019

-Look at reviving the student population for MAHO

-Continue to reach out to smaller institutions and HBCUs so that they can continue to have representation within the state

-All universities are being represented and the great work everyone is doing!

-MAHO All-Year will be happening on there

-Get a job board posted for Mississippi Higher Ed jobs

-State Rep (Jamal)

-Reading of Awards

-RELI 2019 (1-5 years of experience)

-Please apply

-Talk about combining state conferences to aid with costs and attendance

-Talk about doing a mid-year meeting in May with SHOs

-Would help with picking a school for the state conference if a host site had not been picked yet

-Sponsor the SHOs meals, giving them the option to stay in housing for free for the conference

-Dates for the SEAHO report: Submissions due April 9, July 9, and October 8

-MAHO Service Award (Winners):

Margaret DotsonGloria DavisTaylor WilliamsKara AlspaughAnthony CalcagnoShannon HicksHeather BroughtonMegan JohnsonBen St. CyrCrystal HenryMissy Belcher

-Tony W. Cawthon Award (Winner)

Missy Belcher

-Graduate Student of the Year Award (Winner)

Taylor Guss

-Lorinda Krhut New Professional Award (Winner)

Taylor Williams

-Best of MAHO Award

Holly Grider & Katie McBride, USM “Just Call me Coach”

-Secretary (Ellen)

-No Updates

-Past President (Missy)

-We do not have a host location right now. 2020 it will be in the mid-areaIf North is not prepared to host for 2019, we may swap for mid-regision this year

-President Elect (Becky)

-7 Committees for MAHO

-We are going to break that down to 3 committees

-Professional Development, Assessment and Learning Collaboratives, Student Support and Involvement

-If interested in participating, Becky will make it happen


-Officially on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @mahoconnect

-If you have any updates for your instititutionn, please let Ben know so that we can

-School Updates

-University of Mississippi

-Wrapped up our CA hiring process

-Purchased eRezLifeHead into our 4th annual Alternative Spring Break

-Mississippi State

-Finished RA selection process

-Large # of returning (90/95 people)

-Moving onto search processes -> teams at OPE & TPE

-Process of finishing A3 apartment called College U (~660 beds)

-Studios, 1 -, 2-, 4- bedrooms

-5 graduate students graduating and looking for jobs!

-Associate Director for Admin Services is vacant

-University of Southern Mississippi

-Hosted MAHO this past year

-Welcomed the largest class of freshmen student

-Made 1 million dollars worth of improvements this past summer

-Welcomed new laundry provider to campus

-Finalizing search for RLC position

-Department New bus transit system also began

-New VPSA is Dr. DeeOn-campus population outperformed commuting student academically

-Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

-Several projects on campus

-206 bed facility should be finished in January 2020

-Getting a new student union with a cafeteria

-Completely redone the athletics facilities

-Reshifting descriptions of positions and titles

-Jackson State University

-Currently in the middle of the RA selection (~80% is returning)

-Rolled out Adirondack Housing System

-Currently fully staffed since October

-Currently on JSU presidential tour for recruitment of high school students

-Hines Community College

-Looking for 1 Hall Director

-Both campuses are experiencing growth

-Culinary Arts program opened up a late night grill

-Expanded more work-study opportunities & internships

-The W

-Building a new academic building for Speech & Language

-Rolled out RCRs on eRezLife

-Piloting guest sign in through eRezLife as well

-Storm came through -- no power for 7 hours

Meeting Adjourned at 5:55 PM

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