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MAHO 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

President (Alonzo)

● Call to Order - 11/14 at 11:15 AM

● Call to approve MAHO 2019 Business Meeting Agenda -

● Motion: USM

● Second: MSU

● Yes:10 No: 0 Abstained: 0 Pass

● Call to Waive the reading of MAHO 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

● Motion: USM

● Second: UM

● Yes: 10 No: 0 Abstained: 0 Pass

Conference Chair (Tammy)

● Overview of MAHO 2019

o 83 Attended

o 12 Vendors

o 19 Presentations

President (Alonzo)

● General Overview -

o Thanked Jackson State for hosting conference

● Constitutional Amendments that were voted on:

Amendment – Article IV section I/J Senior Housing Officer Liaison: The Senior Housing Officer Liaison will be elected for a two-year term by majority vote (51%) by the membership present at the annual conference. The Senior Housing Officer Liaison will establish and maintain relationships and communications with corporate sponsors. Responsibilities for this office include securing sponsorship and to coordinate corporate sponsor area and program and helping the association understand the needs and goals of the corporate sponsors while serving the association. The Senior Housing Officer Liaison will establish and maintain relationships with senior-level housing officers at member institutions within the state. Must be an senior level housing leadership member i.e. Assistant Directors, Associate Directors, or higher. Motion: USM Second: UM Yes: 10 No: 0 Abstained: 0 Pass Amendment – Article IV section 1 Will work with the graduate student representative, the Professional Development Committee Chair (if committee is active) and at least two other housing professionals to create a program review process to select programs for the MAHO conference. Motion: UM Second: USM Yes: 10 No: 0 Abstained: 0 Pass

Amendment – Article VIII All institutions present at the annual MAHO conference will have a representative invited to the last board meeting where awards are voted on prior to the annual business meeting. Motion: UM Second: USM Yes: 10 No: 0 Abstained 0 Pass

Amendment – Article VII NEW subsection "MAHO Conference Fee Scholarship"

Each Scholarship recipient will receive free registration for the annual conference. All other costs incurred for travel and lodging are the responsibility of the recipient. The recipients will be notified prior to the conference, the Association may assist the recipients in networking with other delegates to help offset costs, especially if the recipient’s home institution does not have other professionals attending the conference.

The President-Elect, in conjunction with the Treasurer, will arrange for the fee waiver.

Program Guidelines

● MAHO will offer an Annual Conference Fee Waiver Scholarship for up to 4 delegates depending on the viability of funds determined by the Governing Council.

● The recipient selection is the responsibility of the MAHO Governing Council.

● The selection process will be supervised by the Awards and Recognition Committee.

● The Governing Council of MAHO will establish criteria for eligibility and selection.

● Eligibility shall be limited to:

● Mississippi Housing Professionals preferred first-time institutions, or

● Single delegate

● Other selection criteria:

● Ideally, there will be one scholarship recipient per Mississippi Institution.

● Recipients should represent both public and private institutions.

● Selection Criteria Successful candidate(s):

● Must have shown personal initiative to pursue a career in student affairs and demonstrated competence such as the following:

● They have sought to be a contributing member of the student affairs department by participating in both institutional and departmental committees.

● They have been an outstanding mentor for both students and student groups.

● They have sought to broaden their own understanding of diverse student needs

● Must apply to the Awards and Recognition Chair by the publicized deadline. The application must include:

● A letter indicating why they are applying.

● A current resume.

● A one-page letter of support from their Chief Housing or Student Affairs Office.

● A completed cover sheet with criteria information.

● Must be willing to write an account of the conference experience to the MAHO President following the conclusion of the conference for possible use in future marketing of MAHO and publication in the SEAHO Report.

● Must commit to being an active member of a MAHO Committee for the following year.

● Motion to waive the reading of the amendment: USM

● Second: Alcorn

● Yes: 10 No: 0 Abstain: 0 Pass

Motion to Vote on Amendment: USM Second: MGCCC Yes: 10 No: 0 Abstained: 0 Pass Amendment – Support of MREAL MAHO will seek to support an conference each year for students from across the state known as Mississippi Residents Engaging in Active Leadership(MREAL). MAHO will request bids from member institutions and provide for up to $200.00 in start-up funds to host the annual MREAL conference. The conference should seek to be self-reliant using the funds gathered from registration and vendor funding. Any funds left over will be turned over to MAHO to use as seed money for the next MREAL conference. MAHO will not be responsible for any losses taken by the host for this conference. Motion to move into Q/A session Second: MSUUSM Asked if there was surplus would next student conference get 200 plus surplus. Answer stated that only surplus would. MGCCC suggested to add there may not be a conference each year. MGCCC motions to add “if MAHO can not find a host institution surplus will be held until next conference. ”USM moved to vote on the Amendment to Amendment - Article IV Section 1Second: UM Yes: 10 NO:0 Abstained: 0 Pass Motion to vote on Amendment Article IV Section 1: UM Second: MGCCC Yes: 8 No: 0 Abstained: 2 Pass

Amendment – Article IV Section 1 The officers of MAHO include the President, President-elect, Past-president, Secretary, Treasurer, SEAHO State representative, Communications Coordinator, a graduate student representative, Senior Housing Officer Liaison, and Conference Coordinator. Running for a Governing Council position will require Senior Housing Officer approval. Motion: USM Second MS Yes: 10 No: 0 Abstained: 0 Pass

President-Elect (Becky)

President Elect Committee Updates:

● We had three active committees this year, Student Support and Involvement, Professional development, and Assessment and Learning.

- Student Support and Involvement Committee and Assessment and Learning committees worked throughout this year to get the state’s opinions regarding hosting a student conference. They determined that most institutions support a drive in conference and would (depending on cost) send a delegation.

- Professional Development Committee submitted three articles this year that were featured on the MAHO website.

● There will be a committee recruitment drive over the next few months as the incoming Governing Council determine what committees will be active this year.

● Awards:

- MAHO Service Awards (please hold applause until the end of each institution). Can I have one representative from each institution please come get the certificates once I have announced them?


▪ Carson Shomaker

▪ Renee Moye-Johnson

▪ Taylor Williams

▪ Becky Hester

- Mississippi State University

▪ Jenny Sperry

▪ Nicki Luczak

▪ Dee McIlwain

▪ Tina Belcher

- Alcorn State University

▪ LaTansha S. Mayberry

● We had many great nominations for awards this year and the committee had a tough time deciding the winners.

- “Best of MAHO” - Kay Pusen with RAs Don’t Last Forever

- Graduate Student of the Year: Travis Houston from Mississippi State University

- Lorinda Khrut New Professional Award: Meg Freeman from the University of Southern Mississippi

- Dr. E. Ann Bailey Mid-Level Professional Award: Becky Pritchett from the University of Southern Mississippi

- Tony W. Cawthon Award: Ben St. Cyr from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Treasurer (Kara)

● Money on hand: $11,349.75

● Our starting balance before MAHO 2018 was $6574.39.

o USM provided us with a conference overage of $5697.04 which brought our account balance to $12271.43 for the beginning of the 18-19 year.

o We have anticipated expenditures totaling $4131.68 for the year, which includes website maintenance fees, checking account fees, awards, SEAHO registrations for Best of MAHO and Grad of the Year, MAHO 2019 fee waivers, and reimbursement to JSU for anticipated conference losses.

o Conference reimbursement will be either 25% of losses or $2500, whichever is less (anticipating 25% to be less).

● The anticipated MAHO account balance for the 2019-2020 year is $8139.75.

Communications Coordinator (Ben)

MAHO is now active on Twitter @mahoconnect. We currently hold accounts on Facebook and Instagram Under “Member Info” on the website you can now submit professional development articles, propose amendments to the constitution, and view executive board minutes. There is a job board on the website that institutions can use to view and submit Mississippi job postings. Any institution can submit their job posting free of charge for extra advertisement.

Mississippi State Rep (Jamal)

● I would like for all our new attendees and those individuals who haven’t already to go to to register yourselves on the SEAHO page. There is no fee. So, I know some of you may be thinking, well I’m not going to the conference. That doesn’t matter, you can still register. I also encourage you to get your fellow coworkers who aren’t present to also get registered as well. The reason I ask that you all to do this, it helps update our state directory. This also gives you a voice in SEAHO and see what is going on in SEAHO on a state and regional level by giving access to the SEAHO Report.

● I had the honor of representing our state at this past SEAHO Mid-Year Meeting in Louisville, KY. I encourage everyone that can to attend SEAHO next year in Louisville, KY the dates are Feb 25th to Feb 28th. It is going to be an awesome experience.

● Some things discussed at Mid-Year:

o SEAHO Placement is back. There is no charge to participate that starts at Tuesday of SEAHO. For those not familiar with SEAHO Placement this where institutions and those seeking new employment opportunities can come together. Similar to TPE.

o On Feb 27th The SEAHO Business meeting will be 7:15am to 9am

o Also, on the 27th 10:15am – 11:15am will be new officer training.

o The state meeting for Mississippi will be Feb 27th 5:15pm – 6pm with committee meetings happening before that from 4:15-5pm

o The closing Lunch on the 28th ends at 1:30pm. So make your travel plans accordingly.

● Topic that were discussed last year that we have implemented as a state were:

1. We provided Scholarships for some delegates

2. Round table sessions were done this year

3. Contacted institutions directly

4. Promo Video

5. Reached out to institutions is in the area


● Due to no nominations for Graduate Student Representative, we will now be taking nominations from the floor for the Graduate Student Representative. This will allow Kara time to prepare NEARPOD for elections that will be held at the end of this meeting.

○ Chibuihe Asonye (UM) accepted

○ Jasmine Thomas (JSU) accepted

○ April Yazza (MSU) accepted

Past President Report(Missy)

● MAHO is forming a By Laws Development Committee.

o This committee will allow one member from each institution

o The purpose of this committee is to create bylaws and present them to the body at MAHO 2020.

▪ After MAHO 2020, standing committee for by law revisions/review

● 2020 MAHO location will be Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

● 2021 MAHO location will be University of Mississippi

Elections (Becky/Kara)

Each institution will have 1 vote. If you have not decided who that will be, please do so now. {INSERT KARA’S DIRECTIONS HERE FOR VOTING WEBSITE}

1. Elections

- President Elect:

i. Trey Robertson (MGCCC)- 2

ii. Dominique Simmons (Miss. State)- 9

1. 2020 President Elect is: Dominique Simmons

- Communications Coordinator

i. Taylor Williams (USM)- 2

ii. Alexis Stevenson (JSU)- 9

iii. Tyrece Sayles (JSU) - Candidate pulled nomination

1. 2020 Communication Coordinator is: Alexis Stevenson

- Secretary

i. Abryelle Bolton (JSU)- 11

1. 2020 Secretary is: Abryelle Bolton

- Treasurer

i. Tina Belcher (MSU)- 11

1. 2020 Treasurer is: Tina Belcher

- State Representative

i. Missy Belcher (USM)- 9

ii. Abstain- 2

1. 2020 State Representative is: Missy Belcher

- Graduate Student Representative

i. Chibuihe Asonye (UM) - 5

ii. Jasmine Thomas (JSU)- 4

iii. April Yazza (MSU)- 2

1. 2020 Graduate Student Representative is: Chibuihe Asonye

President (Becky)

● Welcome 2020 MAHO Board!

● Box Lunches

● MAHO Governing Council will meet in 2107 after this meeting to have a quick discussion.

● General Announcements

Meeting ended at 12:33PM

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