Executive Board Minutes 9.7.18

September 7, 2018 MAHO Executive Board Agenda

Start Time: 3 PM

  1. President - Missy

  2. Encourage people at your institution to submit program proposals!

i. If issues, contact Holly (601-266-1436) or Taylor (601-266-1533)- more contact information on the website

ii. Currently have 10 program proposals submitted, looking to have approximately 30

iii. Program submissions due Friday, September 14th

  1. Have a boardroom

i. Try to set presenter times for the executive board along the same timeline

  1. All registration is being paid to Southern Mississippi

i. Work with Kara on accounts

ii. All vendors will make the checks out to MAHO

iii. Tally up total spent by USM at the end of the conference. Because vendor checks will be made out to MAHO, MAHO will write a check to USM at the end of the conference.

  1. Past President - Crystal

  2. Roundtable programs are options for the program proposal

  3. Nominations for 2019 officer positions will open after program proposals deadline to keep from distributing too much information at once.

  4. MAHO Host Site proposal is live

  5. State Rep - Jamal

  6. RELI Host applications are live (due Monday, September 10)

  7. If you would like to submit anything to the SEAHO report, you can do so via seaho.org (due by October 9)

  8. Summer SEAHO report is available online right now

  9. Communication Coordinator - Ben

  10. www.mahoconnect.com

1. You can send professional development articles to be put on the website

2. You can register for the conference via the website

3. You can submit program proposal on there

4. Working to make the website as a one stop shop

  1. Secretary – Ellen

  2. Working with Taylor to begin a program resource file

Meeting adjourned: 3:46 PM

Next meeting September 21, 2018 at 3PM

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