Executive Board Minutes 9.21.18

MAHO Gov Council Meeting Minutes 9/21/18

Missy Belcher, Alonzo Bouldin, Kara Alspaugh, Ben St. Cyr, Dr. Scott Blackwell, Dylan Kimery present

Called to order at 3:06pm

1. Missy (President): program proposals closing this weekend, officers and awards coming after close of proposals. Awards committee will vote on awards, Alonzo will reach out for more members.

2. Alonzo (President-Elect): bank account finally set up (!!), waiting on debit card and checks to come in

3. Kara (Treasurer): Developing a Request for Funds form for next meeting to reimburse members; current bank balance $3637.80.

4. Ben (Communications): pushing on Facebook for program proposals, adding sponsors/logos onto our social media via Becky. Working on Southwest Contract logo (getting a larger file size)

5. Dylan (Graduate Representative): perhaps getting grads more involved in feedback for the conference (competency areas) and maybe doing a graduate track; can roll out at MAHO this year, even sending emails to registrants before conference and sending them the assessment (Scott)

6. Scott (SHO liaison): decent turn out of sponsors; checks from 5 sponsors and commitments from 5 more and currently pursuing the 17 other companies who haven’t replied. Final version of corporate partner info packet has been sent to the sponsors. One sponsor is giving $250 off the cost of printing the tote bags with MAHO logo for stuffing (Campus Marketing Specialists). Currently have funded $3050 and expecting around $1000 more (could even add more from those 17 unresponsive companies). If you know of good corporate partner contacts, Edward.blackwell@usm.edu is the contact for them. Feedback for corporate partner registration website: seems to be too technical or hard to figure out so make cleaner/easier next year.

7. State Rep (Missy in lieu of Jamal): SEAHO Mid Year in mid-October; late registration is by contact only at this point. RELI site proposals have been submitted.

Meeting adjourned approximately 3:20pm

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