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Executive Board Minutes 6.1.18

June 1, 2018 MAHO Executive Board Agenda

Meeting begins: 3:10 PM

1. President - Missy

a. Changing MAHO bank account to business account (Woohoo!)

2. Past President - Crystal

a. Updates- will get in touch with Jamie

3. President Elect - Alonzo

a. Updates- none

4. Treasurer - Kara

a. Account Balance –$3,637.77

b. Work with Missy on transferring the personal account to a business account

c. Creating a reimbursement form via Google to track reimbursements

5. State Rep - Jamal

a. RELI applications are live

i. Gavin (SEAHO President) is accepting those right now

b. Get people to sign up on, especially new graduate students/new hires

i. All conference communication to the masses will go out via the listserv

6. Communication Coordinator - Ben

a. Website

i. Up and alive!

1. Not promoting it yet, please look at it first

2. Send Ben an e-mail if you notice any problems

7. Secretary – Ellen

a. Working with Taylor on looking into getting the programs accessed once people leave the conference

8. Grad Rep - Dylan

a. Updates- none

9. Vendor Liaison - Jamie

a. Updates - none

b. Missy will follow-up with Jamie to see if he is still interested in the position

c. If you receive any e-mails from MS State in regards to vendors, forward them to Danlana

10. Program Chair – Taylor

a. Working on a timeline

i. Early/mid-July get proposals forms out

ii. Close proposals mid-August

11. MAHO Conference Chair - Danlana

a. Hotel Indigo - $143/night, Residence Inn - ~$99

b. Conference will be held in Hotel Indigo

c. Site Visit – June 25th/26th

12. Vote: Inviting the student affairs professionals of Mississippi to the upcoming MAHO conference, since they have not had enough numbers to hold a conference

a. Board passed the vote 5- yes 0-no 0-abstained

i. Missy will be extending the invitation

Meeting adjourned: 3:40 PM

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