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Executive Board Minutes 3.22.19

Call to order 3:37 PM on 3/22/19

Alonzo (President)

- Jackson State is interested in hosting MAHO 2019

- Reviewed updated website from Ben and already received positive feedback from others

- Keep pushing

- Received e-mail from Ben stating that our yearly subscription for is almost up.

- Need to transition the subscription payment from Ben’s card and put it on our account

- Elizabeth communicated to him about MARS board and there is no president. Last advisor is at Mississippi State, who has access to that account

- From talking to other state presidents, they have mini state get-togethers 4x a year, which helps them pass legislation year-round

- We are going to try working on smaller legislation via email & get quorum voting once a quarter, instead of voting on all of it at the annual conference

- Goal is to have the legislation updates by June 1st to send out via e-mail

- Committees are getting started

State Rep (Jamal)

- Not present

Secretary (Ellen)

- No Updates

Past President (Missy)

- Filled out reimbursement forms for the plaques and will be sending them to Kara

President Elect (Becky)

- Sent out a list of interested individuals to the committee chairs

- Talked with chairs about goals and how to move forward with the committees

- Dylan Kimery, who is chair of the assessment committee currently but graduating in May, will be transition the role to Erin Parker

- Becky is going to talk to the chairs next week to talk about how they’re continuing to move forward

Treasurer (Kara - Filled in by Ellen for 3.22)

- The current bank account balance is $6390.66.

- Paying $7/month for the account.

- Haven’t received any surplus from the MAHO 2018 conference from USM, if there was any

- Paid for SEAHO registration for the Best of MAHO presenter as well as the professional staff of the year award winner;

- Kara is ready to mail a check, etc., as soon as Alonzo/Missy gets the award plaques ready.

Ben (Communication Coordinator)

- Job boards posted

- Trying to keep an eye out on

- Reached out to schools to keep Ben updated on job postings in the state

- Have to renew domain and website by May 18th; sent Alonzo the prices

- Promote professional development articles to be pos

Graduate Rep (Elizabeth)

- Not present

Vendor Liaison (Dr. Blackwell)

- Not present

Meeting ended at 3:57 PM.

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