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Executive Board Minutes 10.26.18

Alonzo (President-Elect):

- MAHO Award nominations are available via

- Working on getting plaques made

- Tony W. Cawthon has not had anyone nominated for it yet, please nominate if you know anyone who’d be a great candidate for it.

Kara (Treasurer :

- No new updates on the account balance

Dr. Blackwell (SHO Liaison):

- All vendors have paid and the money has been received, except for one. We are waiting for the last $250 from them.

- 13 corporate partners all together

- $6,599 has been received in way of cashnet, checks, or cash

- He will be available from 3-5 PM on 11/6 to assist with load-in for the vendors

- Signs for the vendors have been printed

- Skirted tables have been ordered for the vendors

Ben (Communications Coordinator)

- A FAQ will be finalized this week about the conference

- It will be posted as a .pdf for social media

- If you have any more questions to add for the FAQ, please contact him

Danalana (MAHO Conference Chair):

- 92 total registered

- Everything is solidified for programs

- Presenters/moderators are going to be e-mailed later this afternoon with the final schedule

- Working on putting together the last pieces for swag handouts

Ellen (Secretary)

- All minutes are available on Google Drive in conjunction with the e-mails

Meeting ended adjourned at 3 :09 PM

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