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Executive Board Minutes 10.12.18


Updates from Conference Committee


Meeting with conference committee this morning yielded: Sherell Woods is organizing the parking passes and signage; served 75 spots for attendees and will be emailing decal in advance for printing. The conference will be in the Thad Cochran Center and attendees should park in lot with pink lines (will have signs as well). Campus map coming with details. Tangee Carter is working on a Best of MAHO Trophy. Kay (RLC) is working on the keynote gift- $25 gift card sponsored by RHA. AD for Conduct Jeffery Massanelli is working on volunteer coordination (students directing traffic and welcoming). Catering is solidified. Meg is working on swag/donations/bags. Becky Pritchett is going to send info about arrival, transportation, etc. to registrants. Carly from USM is working on assessment with program committee and working with Becky Pritchett for overall satisfaction feedback (Danlana says the plan is to us paper during the conference for presentations and then sending link after the conference for overall feedback). Taylor Williams reported the program committee schedule has been slated and presenters have been notified. Currently writing “thank you”s for presenters and moderators

Danlana reported 65 registrants. Question: is the list of assessment questions ready? Answer: not yet, using some questions from last year.

Updates from Executive Board:

1. Alonzo (President-Elect): one nomination for awards so far. Awards committee not panning out: exec board will have to vote on awards.

2. Crystal (Past President): Officer nominations are two so far.

3. Missy (President): Board room time for exec council will be Tuesday from 3-6pm about constitution for voting on Wednesday (people being late can call in); Missy will send out constitution soon.

4. Kara (Treasurer): Clickers for body voting: from UM.

5. Scott (SHO Liaison) Vendors: 13 so far (1 platinum, 5 silver, 7 bronze) and 10/13 will be attending. $5499 total from sponsorships, etc.

Update on schools contacted: Itawanba not coming, MSMS sending two people and need to do direct pay, phone number from Noble? Disconnected (MSSA), 4 attending from MUW, Hinds is sending 3 or 4, UM is coming with 12-14.

Adjourned 3:34pm

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