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Executive Board Minutes 4.6.18

Agenda for 4/6/2018

I. Opening – President (Missy)

a. Welcome everyone

b. Introduce our new President-Elect

● Welcome Alonzo!

c. Communicate purpose of this meeting: touching base and communicating goals

II. Report of Past President (Crystal)

a. Update on MAHO 2018

● Working on different moving pieces (hotels, food, social media promotion)

● Waiting to close down the halls before further progress

● Support from the committee: The history of MAHO

○ Kerry Kindle expressed that there is an entire file of MAHO at USM

● Bring past presidents to a MAHO social along with a panel

○ Invitation will be sent out from executive board & MAHO 2018 committee

b. 2 goals for 2018

● Advise and help out in any way that she can

III. Report of President Elect (Alonzo)

a. Communicate vision for committee development

● Like to be sure that we are communicating

● Monthly meetings with committee chairs; additional meetings as needed

● Send out committee interest to our departments

○ Have them reach out to Alonzo

b. Two goals for 2018

● Reach out to Staff Development Committee to make sure MAHO 2019 happens

● Learn as much as he can about MAHO

○ Make sure the old website gets updated

○ Who has access?

IV. Report of Treasurer (Kara)

a. If available what are our current funds?

● Waiting to get a fund transfer from Deandre

b. Do we have any outstanding charges not paid?

c. Were we able to send a check to Ann Bailey?

● Not yet sent, waiting for amount

d. Where are we at with the account transition?

● No access yet

e. Two Goals for 2018

● Get an actual account that the online

● MAHO conference not be a loss for us

V. Report of State Rep (Jamal)

a. Any new SEAHO business?

● RELI coming up (May 30 - June 2)

● SEAHO 2019 in Jacksonville, FL

● Goal for SEAHO: Defining RA role on National Level

b. Two Goals for 2018

● Reach out to pending institutions

● Reviewing leadership manual for SEAHO

VI. Report of communication coordinator (Ben)

a. New website hosting information

● Looking at top 10 website builders

○ Wix ~$10 to $14/month

■ Most user friendly

b. State report information

● Get information from SHOs to see if they have any information to add

c. Two Goals for 2018

● Update Facebook and expand social media presence

● Want to create a graphic to promote MAHO 2018

VII. Report of Secretary (Ellen)

a. How will minutes be distributed to the general body

b. Two Goals for 2018

● Data folder that’s accessible to the general body

○ Handbook of housing policies - reach out to SHOs

○ Presentations for MAHO 2018

● Make sure that minutes are distributed in a timely fashion via e-mail, social media, and website

VIII. Report of Vendor Liasion (Jamie)

a. Two Goals for 2018

● Not present

IX. Report of Graduate Student Rep (Dylan)

● Being able to have a good social media presence, and making sure it’s sustainable

● More involvement from P3 institutions

X. Report of CHO Rep (Dr. Blackwell)

XI. Closing and confirmation of next meeting date (missy)

● PDF sent out with following:

○ Contact information of executive members

○ Members who have expressed interested in committees

○ E-mail and login information

■ Make sure to CC your MAHO e-mail for transitional purposes when e-mailing on behalf of MAHO business

○ Review conference call meeting

■ Still for first Friday of each month at 9 AM

○ Goal for Missy:

■ Continue being a support for executive board

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